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Music video for artist Sona Koloyan, illustrating the emotional paradoxes of being an immigrant in London - isolation, anonymity, togetherness, apartness. The video paints out the colours Sona feels in metaphorical sleep paralysis, frozen in a city, surroundings blurred into abstraction. 

Poem video created in Spring 2019 and hosted by the publishers 87 Press. On the city/illness/the body/dysphoria/dust.

video caption:

maybe people like us live in the past and through it, murmurs of places and memories that we didn't even live ourselves, constant convergence of reality and could-be's and parallel stories. but in the instance of trying to live life and get through the day it's been pulling me back hard, with each day it pulls further back because i let it. why should diaspora mean holding my fingers before my eyes in order to pause forever to try to see what i was once told. i need to depart somehow, -- or fucking arrive. and so this is the last of this type of video i hope to make. i want life in my new work. have ‘corridors, highways’ as an introduction to the beginning, a last few touches.

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Nonbinary angels (July 2018)

Concerning ideas of hospitality, affect and gender performance, Nonbinary angels is a visual piece commissioned as part of a PhD study into trans experiences. The visual piece specifically looks at the complexity of racialised gender in/by europe.

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Jawara Alleyne Artist Interview (August 2018)

Fashion designer Jawara Alleyne commissioned this short video work to run alongside his exhibition at the National Gallery of the Cayman Islands. The video documents the collection produced for the gallery, which explores forms of Caribbean identities, gender and masculinity. The film mirrors the layers and complexity behind Alleyne's work.


Ripples (2018)

Ripples is a collaborative fashion film created with designer Jawara Alleyne. The film mirrors the Ripples collection, questioning themes of masculinity, race, gender, expression and fluidity.

Shortlisted for Best Fashion Film at Caribbean Film and Arts Feature Festival.

Most recently screened at Fringe! Queer Film & Arts Festival (Hackney, 2018).

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The film symbolically explores the racialisation of gender and tries to critique whiteness and its reverberant silence as a machine of unaccountable interpelation. This film is a body building/ an accumulation of broken muscle/ towards a dissemination of the ugly and queer into an indoor private cyber space of vast solitude.